About me


I am a writer and editor with interests in literature, art, film, intersectional feminism and representations of social class. Born and raised in Leeds, I worked in Paris for a short period and am now based in London.

For five years I worked in publishing, commissioning visual culture books with a radical edge. My titles included the recently released Roots and Culture: Cultural Politics in the Making of Black Britain by Eddie Chambers, Political Animals: The New Feminist Cinema by So Mayer, Queering Post-Black Art: Transforming African-American Identity After Civil Rights by Derek Conrad Murray and Other Cinemas: Politics, Culture and Experimental Film in the 1970s, edited by Sue Clayton and Laura Mulvey. I also established an artists’ moving image and experimental film list. Until recently, I was Deputy Editor at RA Magazine and an editorial director at the fledgling micro publisher, 3 of Cups PressCurrently, I am Production Editor at Sight & Sound.

As well as editing, I speak publicly and write on a freelance basis for publications including frieze, LRBThe White Review and TLS. If you’d like to discuss commissions or other projects, please do get in touch by emailing me at anna.coatman@gmail.com.

You can read about some of my editorial projects and published non-fiction writing on this blog. You can also follow me on twitter @AnnaCoatman.

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